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NECA launches 12 days of downloads with the Godzilla Visual Figure Guide

NECA launches 12 days of downloads with the Godzilla Visual Figure Guide

NECA is coming back during the holidays as they launch the annual 12 days download event. Over the next 12 days, NECA will release a variety of digital contacts from visual image guides, backgrounds and a number of upcoming announcements. This year, things get off to a great start when we start with Godzilla, the only king of monsters. With their Godzilla line coming to an end, this is the perfect post to showcase some of their amazing collections published by NECAhas over the years with this amazing monster. 23 Godzilla figures released by NECA, some of our favorites 1989 Video Game Origin, 2001 Giant Monsters All-Out Attackk, and King of monsters Godzilla V3 released in 2019.

Some of these 6 “Godzilla figures can still be found in stores like Target. Here Depending on which version of Godzilla you want to get. Don’t miss these next 12 days as NECA, I will continue to show you some great visual guides, suffixes and more digital content that will be so awesome to see every day.

Credit: NECA

“The year is coming to an end, and with it comes another round of updated visual guides! This year, we & # 39; re excited to share 12 days of downloads, show you a complete list of some of our long-running line-up releases, and add some new ones to the domain. We are very proud of the work and are always grateful for our wonderful partnership with TOHO, which allows us to serve as one of the greatest characters in film history.

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