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How to download all the information from our Facebook profile

How to download all the information from our Facebook profile

Are you planning to close your Facebook account soon? Want to keep your account, but want a copy of your Facebook profile data? One of your relatives has passed away, you have his Facebook password, and you want to keep his photos, videos and history of using the platform as a memento?

There is a way to download all the information related to Facebook profile: information and activities, personal information, contacts and friend list, location history, multimedia contents etc.

You select the information you want to download from the list of options, as well as the ever-changing target period from last week.

Get a copy of Facebook account data

There are many reasons for wanting to download a copy of our information and files posted on Facebook, after all, this information belongs to us!

At any time, you can download our data and save all our information at once, or go to the category that selects a type of content by specifying a specific time.

We have the option to upload an HTML file that is easy to view, or easily import the JSON format to another service.

Once the file is created (if our profile has a lot of data, it can take several hours), we have several days to download it or view it online in the same section of our Facebook profile.

Because this file is so large, if the memory on our computer is not large enough, we need an external hard drive to store it.

See my timeline on the high-speed external hard drive

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How to download our Facebook profile information

To download our profile information, you must access the section Settings> Privacy> Your Facebook Info> Download your Info.


We select the download information for each section, the overview of which is here.

Your activity in the Facebook section:

  • Messages exchanged with other users
  • Shared Posts (Photos and Videos)
  • Profile, preferences and messages sent via Rencontre
  • Follow pages
  • Events
  • Places visited
  • Images and videos were added to the stories
  • Groups of which we are a member and the activities within them


Other categories:

  • Profile information (contact information, notable events)
  • Friends and followers
  • Search History
  • Announcements
  • Newsfeed options
  • Facebook Contacts

After verifying all the information we want to download, we click Request to download At the bottom of the page, the process starts automatically.


Note that downloading Facebook profile information is a password-protected process.

If you would like to download the data of a deceased loved one, but you do not have his password, please see our column on how to turn profile into memo.

What to do with the deceased’s Facebook account