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WhatsApp, the revolution for voice messaging: what changes and when

Tired of getting long and bored News Alphabets Its Share? The new update to the app introduces a new functionality that saves time and allows you to avoid having to pause with the phone for full minute pauses and slow speechwriters. With the introduction of version, the application accepted the requests of many users to speed up the audio.

The new feature is only available to a limited number of people so far Beta Tester, Who tested it to convey their opinion to the company.

We have already tried it Web version WhatsApp, and in the next few days many users are expected to get it on mobile devices without being part of the “for testers” program.

WhatsApp, Fast Voice: How to test if you have functionality

Per To check If it is already enabled on your device, sign in to WhatsApp Reproduction A voice message. Instead of a photo of the user we are chatting with, a No., Which means it is already available.

The update cannot be “forced”. Some users who have already installed the latest version of the world’s most popular messaging application may not have received the update.

However, the wait should be less, e Coming soon The function for voice messages should be officially integrated into the application, even the official press release of the company, which has not yet released any statements.

WhatsApp, Voice Accelerated: How They Work, How To Play Them

With the new update, WhatsApp has introduced Speed ​​up Each voice message is one Button Above your author’s profile photo.

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You can choose between normal speeds by pressing it (1 x), Speed ​​doubled (2x) And an intermediate (1,5 x). A similar feature has been on the competing platform for many years.

Telegraph, Has seen a surge in records in recent months due to changes in the privacy conditions of the app with the green logo, allowing some time to speed Voice messages, With the only possibility of halving playback time (2x).

The update to version also includes a partial changeGraphic interface, With Previews In terms of compatibility, photos and videos are larger than current photos New devices With high definition screens.