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The ultimate guide to downloading Twitter videos and GIFs to the iPhone

In many cases, we can find a video or GIF of our choice on Twitter and download it on our iPhone. There are many options, but today we are going to show you one Fast and effective.

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You do not need a program to download videos from Twitter with this option, we will use the popular shortcut application. This way, we can get to the screen in just 3 clicks Download any GIF or video from Twitter on iPhone.

How To Download And Save Twitter Video Or GIF On iPhone

That’s more than possible You want to download a video from Twitter to put it on Instagram, send it via WhatsApp to save it Send it on our iPhone to PC or anything else.

The first thing to do is make sure that the shortcut application is installed on your iPhone. Now we need to click on the link that will leave you Download a shortcut that allows you to download GIFs and videos from Twitter.

Download the shortcut

When the shortcut is received, the application will open on the iPhone, we need to go down and click Add a rough shortcut, Do not worry, it is reliable. If this option does not appear, enter Enable Settings> Shortcuts and the option “Allow Incredible Shortcuts”. You can follow this guide if you need more information.

ShortcutThis is a reliable shortcut, do not worry

Now you have Shortcut for downloading videos and GIFs from Twitter Installed on your iPhone or iPad, the steps you need to follow to make it work:

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Go inside Twitter Find the video or GIF you want to download. Click the icons below Share, One on the right. Now click on the icon Share
Scroll down the iOS partition panel until you find it DVDL V3.1, The shortcut we installed. If you click on it, you will see a top box, Accept the different approaches requested Choose quality. When done, a completion icon will appear Video or GIF will be stored in your photos.

Download Twitter Video ShortcutSteps to download a video or GIF from Twitter

Enter the app now Photos, albums and latest You can find the downloaded Twitter GIF or video there. Well, share it with the people you like, upload or save on other social networks.

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Application The shortcuts prove their full potential again With this shortcut to download videos from Twitter. There are shortcuts to almost anything. From shortcuts to shortcuts to creating wallpapers the iPhone loops it in as soon as it is already loaded. There are many cool shortcuts you should try.