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How New Express Courier Fraud Works

How New Express Courier Fraud Works

After the alarm, to tell the truth a little more generally, The Postal Police on New Wave of Email and SMS Fraud Messages Sent to try to empty our current account or credit card, now there are some definite examples from security researchers. Last Malware Hunter Team’s now well-known (and very active) James WD: A Campaign Fishing A theme via email Express courier.

Fraudsters pretend to be a shipping company and claim to be one The parcel was blocked for us, Due to unpaid shipping costs 4.36 Euro. Very low number, but the trigger to click the next link is: By clicking on the link, in fact, The real scam webpage, We are asked to enter our personal data and contents credit card Pay the shipping costs and open the package. If we do so, we will give our card (with all the money in it) to fraudsters who will soon empty it by shopping online in our name.

How to recognize a courier’s fraudulent email

In the last case documented by James WT, the courier was the PRD-DPD Group followed by the fraudsters, but in the past the names and graphs of other shipping companies were used.

L’Mile Dice: “Dear Customer, Your package has been blocked at Terminal 1 due to unpaid shipping costs. Be sure to pay 4.36 euros. Ensure delivery“There is a regular text to let us hurry:If the mail is not delivered within 48 hours, we will cancel the delivery“.

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Fraud is exposed in this last part of the message: i Connection expires, And especially text Wrong Italian, Are clear and frequent symptoms Tried to cheat.

How To Protect Yourself From Express Courier Fraud

Unfortunately, millions of such messages are sent around the world every day. The new BRT fake courier scam is the latest, but there will be another tomorrow.

Per Defend yourself You need to learn to recognize them:

  • Please check the email address where the message came from
  • Do not click on the link “Expires
  • Please check the address of the page we took to pay for
  • Never pay if we do not know what we are doing