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How does WatchOS 7.4 Public Beta 1 work for you?

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Apple Watch » One day later: How does WatchOS 7.4 Public Beta 1 work for you?

Last night, Apple distributed WatchOS 7.4 to volunteer testers in its first public beta. One day later, we’d love to see how the first trial version of the upcoming update goes. Similar to the general beta of MacOS 11.3, the general beta of iOS 14.5 and iPados 14.5 was distributed.

Apple also released the initial public beta of WatchOS 7.4 for amateur testers last night. Participation in Apple’s public beta program is free; One time registration is sufficient.

WatchOS 7.4 brings support for iPhone extension via Apple Watch if the user wears a mask. This innovation will be introduced on the iPhone with iOS 14.5, just like we did Previous news Report. To use the feature, you need to have WatchOS 7.4 installed on your Apple Watch as well.

One day after the release of the new public beta we would like to inquire about its effectiveness: Do you notice any issues or malfunctions, for example with battery consumption or other features?

Installing public beta from a half-capacity battery

To install General Beta 1 of WatchOS 7.4, you need to have your Apple Watch charger, the watch’s battery charged to at least 50G, and the Apple Watch connected to the same WiFi pair iPhone. The general beta for WatchOS is still relatively new; The clock has not had public betas for many years.

watchOS 7.4 is expected to be the final update for all users in the spring.

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