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Firefox: Updates to Mozilla version 85.0.1

Firefox: Updates to Mozilla version 85.0.1

Firefox offers 85 new import functions for password managers BitWarden and KeyPass.

eAt the end of January 2021, Mozilla released version 85, a major update to its popular Firefox browser. In addition to removing the Flash function, the program also had the function to import passwords saved from KeyPass and BitWarden. On February 5, 2021, the manufacturer postponed a minor update to version 85.0.1. According to the officer Release Notes It fixes an important safety gap, so it should be installed immediately. If the browser’s automatic update function still does not detect anything, install the update using the following downloads.

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Firefox 85.0.1: Fixed security hole

Updates distributed at short notice after a major release will often insert security breaks. Not surprisingly, after all, these key versions usually offer new functions – thus new bugs. This is also the case with Firefox 85: according to Mozilla, this version has one Complex vulnerability: So what is called browser overflow can occur in the graphics library used by the browser. This system is usually exploited by attackers to gain higher computer rights. This is no longer possible with the update to version 85.0.1.

Firefox 85.0.1: Update installers

According to Mozilla, the update fixes several serious bugs. Access to some NTFS paths can lead to corruption of the entire file system, which can damage Windows. In addition, with Apple’s new M1 processor, the Mac had login issues with some websites, and Firefox may crash due to unexpected cache API status. You can find out which bug fixes the update Release Notes.

To eliminate the issues mentioned, Firefox users should install the update as soon as possible. To do this, click on three lines, then Help And Via Firefox. If the update for version 85.0.1 is not installed automatically, it is a good idea to use one of the downloads above.

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