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F.1 analisi tecnica di Giorgio Piola

Lower rear wing with soft tires

Mercedes replaces the rear section for the second race in the Red Bull Ring. The world champion team has decided to intervene in the W12 to detect speed that Lewis Hamilton did not have during the Styrian GP last week.

It was clear to everyone that the black arrow was aerodynamically mounted compared to Max Verstappen’s RB16B and Brockley’s aerodynamics decided to change the approach to the same path as the Austrian GP.

In free practice, in fact, we will see a different aerodynamic configuration at the rear with a more ejected rear wing: this is the main profile used in the hull by Hamilton, which has the ability to reduce traction, supported by a single pylon, with a delta de-wing double profile to ensure stability at inclined corners.

We certainly can’t talk about a development for this realization because it was nothing more than embracing the car round after making a mistake in last week’s basic exams. Without introducing new solutions, existing parts were reassembled.

The choice is very rational if combined with Pirelli’s decision to introduce a soft tire mix: this weekend we are switching from styrofoam GP to C3, C3, C4 to C3, C4 and C5, i.e. the soft mix for the 2021 range. At least in theory, having more grip on a soft tire should allow Star technicians to launch a less resistant aerodynamic configuration for the benefit of higher speeds.

Probably the Red Bull has already arrived in the most ejected version of the last GPU, and then Mercedes could move a little further.

Mercedes W12 detail of brake basket with slot

Photo: Unauthorized

There is a split in the back basket

On the back there is another novelty in the W12: the usually closed rear basket, reopened by a slot on the outside as in Spain. The purpose is to use the heat generated by the braking system to warm the tire, as the expected temperature for the Austrian GP will be significantly lower than what was recorded last weekend.

In the picture, below, you can see the Mercedes diffuser sprayed with Flow Wis paint: in Brockley they like to check some aerodynamic data because discrepancies develop between the simulation and the trajectory.

Mercedes W12 diffuser profile with Flow Wise paint

Mercedes W12 diffuser profile with Flow Wise paint

Photo: Unauthorized