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February Free Games for NES and SNES Available -

February Free Games for NES and SNES Available –

Nintendo Switch Online Updates or two applications linked to the Nintendo Switch online service and dedicated to following them NES and SNES games, In new games Scheduled for free in February 2021 As a bonus for Kyoto home platform subscribers.

Updated Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online Application, as announced last week with a list of games for February 2021 from the NES and SNES Libraries Version 5.2.0 With the new link published in these hours, new topics and fixes of technical issues are not better mentioned at this time. Note that this is only for NES Fire ‘Ice For this month.

Similarly, Super Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch is being updated with a link to the online app update 2.2.0, Which updates the system and introduces three topics scheduled for this month Doomstay Warrior, Psycho Dream e Prehistoric Man.

This choice was slightly debated to be characterized by games that are not of great thickness in this round, perhaps beyond the Psycho Dream and Fire Eyes, also known as the Solomon Key 2, but above all they are unsustainable because of some persistent flaws. Many users of the Super Nintendo list, such as Earthbound and Super Mario RPG, were previously released for the Nintendo Wii U virtual console.

Note that Japanese users have got Shin Megami Tenzai II on SNES with today’s update, which is a great title, however, not entirely from the Western update. We also remember that December 2020 will be the year of free games and, according to some rumors, the Nintendo Nintendo Switch will make a major public update to the server system for online multiplayer.

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