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How do managers of restaurants, bars and malls control it?

How do managers of restaurants, bars and malls control it?

The extension of the health pass is on the menu of the Cabinet of Ministers on Monday 19th July. The bill, which aims to combat the Govt-19 epidemic, also provides caregivers with an obligation to get vaccinated, which is then to be examined by lawmakers on Wednesday, July 21st. From this date, you must provide a health pass to access leisure and cultural spaces that bring together more than fifty people: sports halls, museums, cinemas, etc. This applies to restaurants, bars or shopping centers from August 1. What tools will the companies involved use to verify these passes? Is this technology safe?

For now, some establishment managers are in the dark and waiting for clarification from the authorities. But the TousAntiCovid-Verif app should just follow sports halls, cinemas or museums. It is usually reserved for experts, but technically anyone can download it. When your QR code is scanned, your first name, last name and date of birth will only appear with the words “Valid” or “Invalid”.

The app is designed by Imperime National. Xavier Saxus is the program manager. “No data was saved, He promises. Once the check is complete, nothing is sent to the central agency. The signature methods used are similar to electronic passports, which is a proven technology. “

However, CNIL, the National Commission for Information and Freedom, has called for the health pass not to be extended to everyday activities. A concern shared by Bastian Le Querrec of the Quatrature to Net Association. “The health pass in the current form is particularly dangerous, He believes, If we use the official application, there is only the last name, first name and date of birth, which is already very important. But if we use another application, anyone can create an application that looks like two drops of water officially, depending on the type of vaccine, the number of doses, that is very important information. “

These are health data, apparently abuse. We have all the elements needed for a disaster in terms of privacy in this situation.

Bastian Le Querrec, a member of the La Quattrecht to Net Society


Law Quadrature to Net asked the state council last month to suspend the health pass. The request was denied as it was not used for daily activities at that time.

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