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BTP accuses YouTuber Dream of creating ClickPad using its name and image - Nert 4.Life

BTP accuses YouTuber Dream of creating ClickPad using its name and image – Nert 4.Life

Known youtuber dream, Has long been associated with problems with Minecraft Accused PewDiePie Would like to do clickbait Using his name and image, he said he had no feelings for the matter, but re-entered the “YouTube circle” through the dynamic he used in the past.

Of course this is not a completely uncritical statement, considering that he used the image of BTP Dream in a video that discovered the “top 10 streamers caught scam” or 10 cases of a major streamer. Use cheat To achieve success, Dream admitted to using deceptions, citing the famous Minecraft Speedron case.

Given enough space in the typical dream image / icon in the thumbnail and its content, the questionable PewDiePie video focuses heavily Corruption This includes the character in Minecraft, which YouTube wanted to point out.

On the other hand, even in this case, Dream seems to be very careful in using various ways to spread their image and their name on the internet, which happened throughout the entire epic of Minecraft Speedrun, which ended with an endorsement. Guilt (albeit “by mistake”) but he got one anyway The biggest disgrace Yes to me.

In this case, Dream’s statement is simple, but it means that he wants to play a YouTube game somehow: “It starts clicking with me using BTP, and ends with him clicking with me: The YouTube Club“On Dream Twitter, he said, ‘I have no hard feelings about Pew, and I say everything is fine, even to those who were angry at me.’

Dream, on the other hand, is far less likely to get mad, gaining a million followers after admitting to the scam.

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