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How do I download a YouTube video to my computer?

How do I download a YouTube video to my computer?

To Download YouTube video to your computer, You have to go through an external tool. This is valid for all online video hosts. Of course, there are many of these platforms, but none of them offer the opportunity to store content offline. However, having a copy on your hard drive has its advantages. You can watch a section multiple times or cut a section to edit your own video. We’re showing you how to upload on YouTube.

Why download YouTube videos?

Downloading YouTube videos is a good practice that offers many benefits. First, it allowsIt can be accessed even offline. For example you can enjoy your media in isolated places like rural. Another benefit is the archive of very interesting videos. In fact, there is no guarantee that the video will always be on YouTube. He is a Its author may delete or encrypt it. By storing the files on your hard drive, you can view them in your spare time. You can also download your own music videos, so you do not need an internet connection to listen to your favorite singers. You can convert music clips to mp3 file to add to your playlist.

The YouTube Swiss Army Knife I Use: 4K Video Downloader

Download YouTube Playlists and Channels

In addition to videos, you can download your playlists or your YouTube channels. Platform users often group their favorite videos into playlists. To download the playlist, many people take the videos one by one. It’s hard, thankfully there are apps that allow you to take everything at once. All content on the YouTube Channel will be stored offline. It may take longer to download the channel, especially if the videos are high resolution. Before starting the download, the trick is to select low resolution to make the files easier. At the end of the downloads, if some files do not start, we advise you to check them one by one. To do this quickly using VLC, go to the folder containing the videos and right click on it. Thumbnails of distorted videos are not displayed, we see VLC instead.

You can download the complete playlists

You can download the complete playlists

Extract YouTube verses

There are 2 ways to get subtitles from YouTube video. The first time you use an application to download texts in different formats: SRT, TXT or VTT. Many Internet or desktop applications are dedicated to this task. You can also do it manually, it does not require installation. Follow these steps:

  • Click on the 3 dots on the bottom right of the video with the verses
  • Select “Open Transcription Tab”
  • Create a TXT file and open it
  • Select and copy the transcribed text to the right of the video (you can disable the timestamp if you do not want to)
  • Copy and save to TXT file
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The above steps work for TXT format, not SRT or VTT. These last two forms are similar even though they are different from each other. SRT is very basic, VTT offers advanced features like changing fonts and changing text colors.

Get videos in 4K quality

When downloading a YouTube video to save to your hard drive, many resolutions are available. It ranges from 360p for small resolution to 4k for larger. Unfortunately, not all videos can be downloaded in 4k. The source file should be at this resolution, and if it is uploaded at 1080p it will be at its maximum resolution. Video with low resolution cannot be converted to high resolution. However, the opposite is possible, you can reduce the resolution of the video to reduce the size and improve its compatibility. Keep in mind that some older computers may not run 4k for software running Windows 7, 8.1 and Vista.

Compatible with 4K Video Downloader Twitch and other platforms

Compatible with 4K Video Downloader Twitch and other platforms

What about other sites?

It helps to know how to download youtube video on computer. The platform has a lot of interesting content: tutorials, language courses, documentaries, etc. Competitors have quality videos, be it TikTok, Facebook or Twitch.

Download TikTok videos

Although TikTok only offers short videos, the site has a lot of interesting and informative content. In fact, for example, there are language courses or tips for using Excel. Videos are limited to a maximum of 3 minutes, but the option to convert them to 10 minutes was recently introduced. Downloading Dictok video on PC is as easy as on mobile. All you have to do is go through the external software or web application. If being a watermark is a trademark

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TikTok can be removed before downloading by selecting it in the options. TikTok videos are not available in 4k or landscape format.

TikTok has a special software: Tokit

Download Facebook Videos

Since Facebook does not offer options for retrieving videos, it can be done easily through an extension or an online service. There are several extensions that are compatible with most web browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Be careful though, some may contain malware. Trust the user’s opinion before choosing. To catch a Facebook video, go to the post and copy the link. Paste it into your extension before starting the download. If you use an online service the process is the same, most are free, but contain ads. To capture video, it must be in “public” confidentiality and not run in “friends only” mode.

Download Twitch Streams

Within a few years, Twitch had established itself as a live streaming platform. Starting with live video games, the content quickly diversified. What is special about live videos is that they disappear at the end of the broadcast, unless the author provides an interim replay. If you want to see the best passages again, recording the replay is your best interest. How to get a twitch show from your favorite streamer? There are free solutions for recording streams on your computer, whether it is an online service or a third-party application. If you need to install a third-party application first, you can start the online service from any browser.

Where to store your videos offline?

Having a copy of your YouTube videos allows you to access them without interruption at any time. However, you need to make sure you have enough storage space. In fact, backups can take up a lot of space, especially if the files have high resolution. You can use an external hard drive, which has the advantage of protecting your data against potential technical issues. Another option is to copy your most important videos to Cloud, Google Drive or Dropbox.

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