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An object is going to collide with the moon and we do not know what it is

An object is going to collide with the moon and we do not know what it is

The clash is expected at 2:45 p.m., Friday. “We are far from a catastrophic situation,” explains Christoph Bonal, of the National Center for Space Research (Cnes).

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The unidentified flying object is colliding with the moon. This is not science fiction, this rocket-propelled machine is due to collide with our satellite on Friday, March 4 at 2:25 pm, precisely Paris time. But the nature of this garbage cannot be determined. Several hypotheses have been put forward. Is this the SpaceX rocket, as the American astronomer said? Like the Chinese rocket lost in space, this orbit is now excluded.

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“It simply came to our notice then that we did not even know it was a rocket. Christoph Bonal, an expert at the National Center for Space Research (Cnes), was introduced. It is an object at a distance of 2.50 meters and 360,000 kilometers, which we are already good at following. This debris travels through space, making it difficult for astronomers to identify its origin. “The only way to find out who it is is to go back to the day it was launched. There, it may be ten years later …”

The moon is especially used for meteorite impacts. This is very rare for spacecraft. This is the first time that Earth-shaped debris has accidentally hit a satellite. But the effects will be minimal. “The surface of the moon is similar to Africa. So we have to imagine that we have a car similar to the car that crashed in Africa. We’re far from a situational catastrophe.

At 9,300km / h this collision could still have been of scientific interest. But astronomers cannot analyze the abyss because these debris have to collide at a distance from our satellite.

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