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Hitman 3 : starter pack disponible gratuitement

Hitman 3: Starter Pack is available for free

Last summer, Epic Games announced the arrival of a notorious killer on its platform, nicknamed Agent 47. I’m talking about the Hitman franchise, whose third Opus first landed exclusively in the epic game store. Although it is now available on all platforms, Io Interactive has set aside a nice surprise for us this weekend. The starter pack for Hitman 3 is available for free for a few days.

Before going any further, I will give you the key elements of this “offer”. First, The starter pack is available for a limited time: April 30th to April 5th. Finally, It is available on all platforms : PC (via Epic Game Store), PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and Stadia. As it is, there is no envy, everyone can take part in this adventure. You should look for “Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack” in different stores.

If you do not want to wait for the game to download or do not have a home console, I recommend going to Stadia. In fact, This starter pack runs for free even without a Stadia Pro subscription. All you have to do is create an account and search the game before clicking “Play at our expense”. You may not have the optimal quality or the best sound, but you can play in a few minutes without downloading anything.

A Hitman 3 starter pack with many tasks

Thanks to this offer – I will remind you of this limited time – the player will be able to complete the mission taking place in Dubai. It was featured in a sports video.

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If you still want to start “Cool”, you can move on to the previous task. With this free content, you can do the first task of Hitman 2. Her name is “Night Call” and she tells him to sneak into the most secure luxury beach house at midnight.

Haven’t you acted as Agent 47 before? It is not a bar. In fact, you can perform a task within the ICA (International Contracting Agency) installation. The first part takes place in the form of a tutorial, during which you have to slaughter someone who was in a reception on a boat. Let me find out the rest.

But why offer this starter pack now? If it had actually been given before, I might have missed it altogether, but I don’t know. In fact, it is Similar to the release of the first part of the DLC “Seven Deadly Sins”.

DLC “The 7 Deadly Sins”

On March 24, IO Interactive announces the arrival of the first DLC dedicated to Hitman 3. As you can understand from the title of the DLC, it is divided into seven parts, each of which represents one of the deadliest sins. Chapter 1 is about greed.

Players can open a new outfit (rabies suit) and two items on the same theme (small room with greed and the devil’s cane).

Players can purchase the entire DLC (29.99) or purchase each part individually (4.99).

Hitman 3: Starter Pack is available for free

All information is available on the Hitman 3 site. In addition, IO Interactive now points out that there will be free content in the future.

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