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We look forward to Age of Empires IV - that is why the famous series is so special

We look forward to Age of Empires IV – that is why the famous series is so special

Age of Empires is a pioneer in real-time strategy games. The anticipation for the long-awaited fourth episode is all too high. AoE IV will be explored in more detail in the April 10 fan preview. The second spring for the iconic series may be on the horizon.

The release of Age of Empires IV is approaching. Reason enough to renew the nostalgia of this RTS game series. Developer Ensemble Studios teamed up with publisher Microsoft in the late 90s to create one of the best strategic game series.

The Age of Empires attracts millions of warriors because it reflects the history of mankind and allows them to enjoy it with quick successive playful elements. Interacting with historical events in the best side effect campaigns of the game series. Even for the confusion in the history class, this game is a new way to gain historical knowledge while playing.

From Egypt to Rome

The Age of Empires, original title since 1997, begins with the Egyptian uprising in a different campaign. From hunters and collectors to agriculture and animal husbandry to the siege of Canaan – part of Egyptian history, in antiquity, can be rewritten in individual works, including development.

The game begins in Paleolithic with multiple scenes and passengers. Four raw materials are always important: food, wood, stone and gold. During the Stone Age and Bronze Age, peaks were reached in the Iron Age. Find the best warriors, archers, priestly skills, ships and more.

Some of the other great powers of the time were playable and included in the campaigns. After Egypt went with the ancient Greeks, the former cosmopolitan city of Babylon and the Japanese dynasty Yamato. A year later, the successful extension “The Rise of Rome” provided relevance with world-renowned rulers such as Julius Caesar.

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The developers have developed the recipe for the success of the Age of Empires. On the one hand, they saw competition in the RTS genre: focused on warcraft, command and success and civilization. AoE makers looked at the best features of these games and wanted to set a similar standard for their own work. Here human history plays an important role in the unique selling point of the Age of Empires.

A fat car in ancient times

Cheats have reached mythical status since AoE. For those who consider a voyage too difficult, long, or annoying, for example, the “Pictati” is an imaginary war vehicle from pre-Christian times that can destroy any enemy army with 300 enemies in seconds.

Funny changes are made by cheats like the “flying Dutchman”, through which warships are abruptly brought ashore. If you skip meals, a “pepperoni pizza” will also help. Hush, suddenly more than 1,000 food units in the account – faster than any delivery service. Many nonsense like laser or nuclear fighters have found a place in the game through cheats. This has continued in the limited edition since 2018.

Heir to the glorious era

Age of Empires II – Kings Age is one of the most popular AoE titles ever played, and therefore one of the most popular. It played a major role in the series’ continued success, selling 25 million games and grossing $ 1 billion.

The game in AoE II and all subsequent successors is always very similar to the original. However, for this, the age has changed, in which everything revolves around the Middle Ages. Accordingly, the boom did not lead to the Iron Age of the original game, but to the Imperial Age. One of the best advocates of Age of Empires II is the German content creator Hand of Pluto who is a passionate AoE player and proves his skills.

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The visual editors and online multiplayer confirmed that Age of Empires is related to the first sports titles. In 2018 and 2019, the first two AoE titles received limited editions with improved graphics and optimal gaming.

Succession titles were in the shadow of the big headlines under the banner of “Age of Myth” which relied on ancient myths and even the Titans. But with the Age of Empires III in 2005, the AoE Empire was on the road to success again. During the colonial period, Microsoft set its vision for the next era and continued with numerous add-ons. Accordingly, the show is highly motivated for the new game Age of Empires IV, which will be offered in more detail by Microsoft on April 10th.

Easy to play, but very deep

It feels a little like being a god. It would be an appropriate idea to at least look out of the sky in a world where the respective player decides to build people, build houses, gather food and raise forces. Epic music gives the recreated ages an even greater effect and sets the series of full-age empires unique.

“Age of Empires makes it so special: it’s easy to play, but very profound,” said Joe Staten, Microsoft’s creative director. “Anyone can see it as fun, but it takes great skill to master it.”