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Vector Drawing: New in Inkscape 1.1

Vector Drawing: New in Inkscape 1.1

Inkscape, the free software, will never stop looking at its framework to compete with Adobe Illustrator and attracting illustrators, amateurs and professionals alike. Version 1.1 comes with a heartfelt list of improvements.

What is Inkscape?

Inkscape a Vector drawing software On Windows, MacOS and GNU / Linux. It is used by professional graphic designers and designers, but also by hobbyists.

What can be done with Inkscape?

Inkscape allows Create charts, icons, logos, maps, Maps and presentations for the web. The application uses the open standard of W3C – SVG.

Is this free software?

Yes, Inkscape software Free and open source under GPL license.

Inkscape 1.1: What’s new

Inkscape 1.1 is considered a Main version, With many new features and features including:

- A Welcome Conversation, Which allows you to select the appearance of Inkscape and choose the size of the new document or file to open

- A Command Prompt Will it open when you press the button?

- An organizationCompiling dialog boxes Rewritten

- A new one Margin Overlay Mode

- In Options Thanks for the new search box is now easy

- A Extension for updating extensions And installing additional extensions (in beta)

To learn more, you can consult Inkscape 1.1 Full Release Notes (In English for now).

The official site is almost entirely translated into French This address.

Download Inkscape

You can download Free The latest version of Inkscape for Windows, MacOS or GNU / Linux First This page. Source code Can be found here.

To Download Inkscape on Linux, 3 formats are ready to use: AppImage, Snap and PPA.

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