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One UI 3.0 battery suffers from "millennium bug": here's how to fix it (photo)

One UI 3.0 battery suffers from “millennium bug”: here’s how to fix it (photo)

Filippo Morgante

L ‘Visit A UI 3.0 The Galaxy and Note line surprised everyone on different Samsung devices in such a short time. The The better For serial devices Galaxy S20, Note 20 e Note 10 They Related, When I was Error Some of the findings and Of moderate importance. At least Until the last day of 2020.

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I Galaxy devices That mount Android 11 with a UI 3.0 They showed one Strange bug starting from the first day of the new year. For all these smartphones Battery stats are no longer available Since the clock was ordered to enter in 2021. Simply put, you can no longer see the battery stats January 1, 2021 In the “Battery and Device Maintenance” section Settings. By changing the date to 2020, everything will be back to normal.

Not sure what the problem is, though Find the answer That should be sufficient enough for you Follow these simple steps, With Images from the gallery below:

  1. Open Settings Phone, then go to submenu “Applications
  2. Tap the icon next to the text “Your applications” and then activate the option “Show computer applicationsPress OK
  3. Scroll down until you find it “Samsung Device Health Manager Service”Open it
  4. Enter submenu “Storage“And press the option”Delete data“Under

This should be sufficient to retrieve the figures After a few cycles of charging and using the phone. Replacement Samsung will have to wait to fix a bug Update.

Via: Sammobile

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