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An error has prevented some Macs from downloading applications

An error has prevented some Macs from downloading applications

Some Mac M1 owners cannot download iOS apps.

A few months ago, Apple introduced its first computer with the Apple Silicon M1, a home processor. This chip also offers its users the ability to download iOS applications to their Mac if the developers allow, with excellent overall performance. However, the function seems to be unavailable Many Mac M1 owners. They could not download iOS apps from the Mac App Store.

Different testimonies Note that the iOS app shows rotating animations without anything else happening. According to various comments this issue is very recent. So this may be the result of the latest MacOS update.

At present, it is very difficult to clearly determine the origin of the error and the extent of the problem.

Many users have pointed out that they reported the problem to Apple’s support department, who was unaware of the error. The latter, however, is reconnected and a solution must already be in development within the US company. So expect this to be fixed in the next update. So patience is essential.

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