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Here is the new battery manager, very accurate and efficient

Here is the new battery manager, very accurate and efficient

Windows 10 will get new battery management features later this year. Inspired by Android, this new submenu will allow you to analyze your behavior to better control your autonomy.

Windows 10 is improving every year, and soon, the entire menu dedicated to battery management will be entitled to a mask. In fact, the creation of the operating system offers new exclusive sub-menus on 21313 settings. Inspired by Android, This new menu allows you to briefly analyze your applications. Now, you can find many interesting things there. For example, we see that the remaining battery level is displayed according to the tables. Similarly, we can see when the PC is connected or not.

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It is also possible to analyze its application by day. Thus, you can see how long the PC lasted on a particular day, especially in the evening. Also, the OS will tell you What is the most used application these days? A way to manage your autonomy. Have you been running low on battery power lately? You need to go to the dedicated sub-menu to see which applications are most used. Hey, do you inhale steam when you don’t use it? Disable it.

Windows 10 cleans up over time

This submenu dedicated to battery is not currently available to everyone because it is not currently available Only for members of the Microsoft Insider program. If this does not cause a problem, it may be released in a major update in the future.

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As a reminder, Windows 10 offers two major updates a year, one in May and one in October. May is the most important month, introducing the biggest innovations. Expect it to bring this new sub-menu dedicated to battery, but other small things like enhanced dark mode throughout the OS. This will allow us to manage the autonomy of our machines a little more efficiently throughout the day.

How to join the Insider program?

At this time, this feature is only available to members of the Insider program. This program allows normal users to test new features in advance. Aside from having a scoop of small inventions, Members can express their opinion, Tell me what is good, what is not good, what should be improved or simply removed. This is a very important project for Microsoft because it is the first full-scale test before using an innovation.

To join the Insider program, sign up for the Microsoft site By following this address. No prerequisite is required and everyone can access it. However, Redmond insists that this is a version that needs to be upgraded and requires minimal involvement from members. They should not hesitate to add comments without fail. After registration, you need to download the latest buildings by parameters (Update, Windows Update).


Be careful though. If the program provides access to features in advance, These may be erroneous, Incomplete or incomplete. So you should not expect an experience like the one in Classic Windows 10. In general, buildings submitted to insiders are closer to deployment and only need to be completed. So let’s look at the arrival of the new battery manager during the big update that will be released in May. Given the fact that the insiders do not vehemently deny it.

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