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He unleashes two puppies on the street and they start chasing him

He unleashes two puppies on the street and they start chasing him

They run after the car they thought was the person taking care of them. Instead he dropped them off on a sidewalk.

The Security cameras targeting a street in Rio Verde, In Brazil, destroyed the touching scene: two puppies are unloaded as garbage from a car. They, not knowing what is going on, lose heart and start chasing the running vehicle.

However, the little ones can’t stay with them, can’t stay there, stay on the street, waiting to get back. An electrician named Roberto saw the scene and decided to take care of the two puppies, save them from the abandoned road and look for a house that deserves the name.

Fortunately, Hulk and Hannah have already found a new family. What they have experienced is inhumane: abandoning unsafe animals in this way is a cruelty. Those who did it had no love for their neighbor வர், the one who redeemed them.

He unleashes two puppies on the street and they start chasing him

But not everyone is that lucky. According to a resident, Lysen Winter, many dogs are abandoned in the area. Residents have built a small house on the sidewalk for them, always stocking up on food and water, where they can find shelter. This unfortunately encourages more people to drop out there. “It’s already happened four times in the past.”

For now, the man in the video has not been tracked down, but the police are interested in remembering that abandoning civilian animals is a crime: if convicted, the person responsible for the act could face up to five years in prison.

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