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Ferrari V6 e Maserati Nettuno: “Maranello non copia nessuno”

Ferrari V6 and Maserati Nettuno: “Maranello did not copy anyone” – Monto Auto

Ferrari has come up with V6, At the same time opening the doors of the hybrid to its smallest fraction 296 GDP, Berlinetta launches new Cavalino curriculum. The return of the six-cylinder, which happened a year after the MC20 Neptune engine, Led to skepticism about possible connections between certain engines and the collaboration between the I Maranello brand and the Modena brand.

296 GDP, judgment of the former Ferrari designer

Ferrari’s chief technology officer oversees the return of charges to the sender, Michael Letters Who wanted to underline that Maranello V6 has nothing to do with Maserati Netunio: “Ferrari does not copy anyone or capture others. This trait has been common to Ferrari for many years, and we don’t need to cooperate on something like that. ” With so many road tests in the months leading up to the delivery of the new Ferrari 296 GDP, Ferrari is in a clear position of wanting to clarify how it developed the new engine independently. Then to confirm what Leiters pointed out, there is technical evidence with specifications of the two machines that make it up Two units that are very different than one might think: Ferrari’s V6 has a 120 degree lean angle, the Maserati unit has a 90 degree layout, the power is different, boasts 296 Gtp 663 hp, does not count on the impetus for electrification, as against the Maserati MC20’s 630 hp, 33 hp.

Cholera: “296 GDP similar to Dino but real Ferrari”

Both engines will find space in other cars in the future. Neptune For example, it should be used in the new generation Granturismo, while specifying one of the Ferrari V6 moving options Prosangu SUV, The first model of the Bronzing Horse with high wheels, used a forklip based on a Maserati Lavande so far, paradoxically in the testing phase.

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