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"He took a step back."  More tension with Cav - time

“He took a step back.” More tension with Cav – time

“He knows Pd will not vote for him Enrico Letta Is ready to negotiate with him for a shared head of state. Georgia Maloney This sentence throws up like nothing happened and really kicks me out Silvio Berlusconi In the race for Guerrero as Sergio Matterella’s successor. “Berlusconi is my ally, a person with whom I am associated – the leader of the Italian Brothers – but Berlusconi’s election was not an easy one, just look at the numbers. After that, I saw Berlusconi. At the request of Democratic Secretary Letta, I think the next president of the Republic should be discussed together.

Berlusconi's bombing of Salvini and Meloni's wishes: Troki PM after 2023

Meloni further explains: “In my opinion, Berlusconi has decided to take a step back because PD Berlusconi did not vote for him, and I hope he is not interested in this contest. At least it’s mine.” Meloni made the remarks during a presentation on Bruno Vespa’s book “Why Mussolini Destroyed Italy” at the Hadrian Temple in Rome, which was also attended by Democratic Secretary Enrico Letta. This departure of Meloni from Forza Italia was not exactly right. Blue circles indicate that the tension is very high.

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