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He finishes Super Mario Brothers blindfolded in 12 minutes, which is a world record!

Speed ​​Run enthusiast Crescendo recently broke the Super Mario Brothers world record. The latter joined a certain branch of discipline: he finished the game blindly. It only took him 12 minutes to beat the last boss.

Credit: Unsplash

Retro gaming is not as popular as it is today, and it is not uncommon for enthusiasts to present their collection and re-indulge in the nostalgia of the first video games. This trend is often associated with discipline that is increasingly popular among players: Le Speed ​​Run. Completing a game in record time really requires exemplary skills, and seeing your followers at work is often very enjoyable.

Crescento is no exception to the rule. This talented cracker has not been more or less the same latelyA new world record at Super Mario Brothers. Although the previous one was set at 14 minutes 31 seconds, it only took 11 minutes 55 seconds Achieve credits. The point is, you may find it faster than this, but there is a twist to the story: Crescendo achieved this performance … Blindly.

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12 minutes to complete Super Mario Brothers with eyes closed

If this seems like a long way off, you should know that this is a very widespread practice in the world of speeding. Some people think that finishing a game in a few minutes is not a big challenge. Apparently, it was not done that way. “I started imagining this flow on May 29th, and on June 19th I made a full effort. I played in one-hour sessions, once or twice a day. In the end, there were about 40 hours of effort. “, Explain the Crescent.

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He had no choice but to lose his eyes Trust the sounds Progress in the game. The speed operator actually uses several sound design tricks to recover the information. For example, He constantly throws fireballs In front of him to evaluate when they land against the background. He helps his musician analyze sounds with his ears. All these combinations can be seen in the video below.