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Hawaii: In 2021, sales will fall from 10 years ago

Hawaii: In 2021, sales will fall from 10 years ago

A statement revealed Trentforce With annual sales going back to data obtained 10 years ago, Hawaii is drawing a tragic 2021, which calls into question the 2011 figure. For some time, the Chinese company’s map has been growing steadily year-on-year, but according to forecasts, 2021 will be too heavy to bear.

In 2020 they are estimated to be beyond 170 million smartphones are sold worldwide, The analysis company expects the number of units sold to decline by 2021 45 million. This result is the quarter part, actually the vertical descent.

P40 Pro

Apparently one of the reasons may be due Google Services Lack of this will increase the apathy towards customers, especially Westerners. With these results, estimates indicate that the brand will drop from third to seventh in the rankings within a year.

The ban on purchasing the technology needed for it plays a huge negative role. For example, it is not possible to order components from DSMC, Samsung and even Minimum wage Although it is located in China and is not at the level of the top two, it has strict production restrictions due to its relationship with the United States.

All of these will be valid if the current measures are confirmed in the coming months as well. If something changes, the predictions will be wrong and an obvious recalculation will be required. All of this will end up in the hands of those who no longer buy Huawei their products for other Chinese manufacturers: we are mainly talking about Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo.

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As for other major manufacturers, Trentforce Samsung is projected to sell in 2021 267 million smartphones And reaches the role of Apple 229 million.

This is a great time to buy the Huawei P40 Lite. For more than 150 euros on its 128GB version, you can find it who.