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Hassan Kahraman will speak in an interview tomorrow

Hassan Kahraman will speak in an interview tomorrow

The anticipation for the Abandoned is slowly growing again, with the mysterious project being presented as a simple horror game for the PlayStation 5, but it has been comparable for several weeks Hideo Kojima, Silent Hill And, more recently, A metal gear solid Vs..

Blue Box Games Studio, Intriguing and elusive software House Captain Hassan Kahraman (The only member of the company to date who has expressed himself), August 10 will launch the official Abandoned Real-Time Experience app, Which is a collection of trailers and game demonstrations through which we can finally see the project. Waiting to put Pre-loaded application on PS5 on July 29th, Some new information may already be out starting tomorrow Hassan Kahraman will be appearing on the AL-HUB channel for an exclusive interview. Would this be the right opportunity to reveal something more definite about what was abandoned?

Players are wondering if Hideo Kojima’s face is hidden behind the blue box, especially after his friend Norman Reedes shown in the photo with Robbie the Rabbit from Silent Hill. It cannot be ruled out that Blue Box wants to ride the waves of theories and speculations and implement the most daring marketing campaign, especially for a software home that still needs to prove everything.

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