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Create GIF from video - here's how

Create GIF from video – here’s how

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Did you record the funny video you want to convert into an animated GIF? No problem! This is very easy with an app directly on the smartphone and online. In this guide you will find out how and what applications and websites you can use for this purpose.

How to create GIF with utility

There are various processors that can convert videos to GIFs. We use this guide GifMe, Which is free Google Play Store Or Apple App Store Can be loaded. The application works identically on iOS and Android devices.

Follow the step-by-step instructions or check out the quick start guide.

How to create a GIF on WhatsApp

For some years now, WhatsApp has had a functionality that allows GIFs to be created quickly and easily.

Follow us See the quick start guide or a detailed guide on how to create GIF with WhatsApp in this tip.

  1. Open one Chat On WhatsAppLetter clipper“- or.”+“-Symbol.
  2. “Choice”Gallery“Or.”Photo and video library“It simply came to our notice then Video You want to convert to a GIF.
  3. In the editor you can now edit the length of the clip among others. Video allowed Maximum 6 seconds You can create a GIF for a long time. Once the length falls below this limit, you will see one in the upper right Opposite. For this, tap “GIF“Change the design.
  4. Finally, tap Blue arrow Bottom right to send GIF.
  5. You can use GIF To protectBy tapping it into the chat. It will keep it Excellent view Open. Then tap “Share“-Button and select”Security copying“.

How to create a GIF online

There are various types of offers online that allow you to create GIFs from video. We use in this guide img2go.comCan be used online for free.

Quick Wizard: Create GIF with Application

  1. Download GifMe from Google Play Store Or Apple App Store Under.
  2. Open the app and tap “Import video from library“. Select the video you want to convert to a GIF. Then tap”Done“.
  3. Set the frame rate and resolution and “tap”Create“.
  4. Then go “Saved animation“, Open it GIFYou just create and tap Share button Bottom left.
  5. “Choice”Save“Save GIF to your gallery.

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