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Haripo and Nintendo announce fruit gums

Haripo and Nintendo announce fruit gums

For a short time, Nintendo fans can look forward to Haripo packs of fruit gums from the world of Super Mario. A total of three different varieties (classic, sour and vegetable) will come into effect immediately in stores or online store. Get a bucket of 570 grams.

Famous characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Beach, Yoshi and Todd can be found on the packaging. The flavors of the individual fruit gums have already been revealed. Super mushroom flavor of raspberry, fire flower of cherry, green shell of strawberry, 1-up mushroom of apple and coin and superstar of lemon. Haripo did not disclose how long the limited edition will be available.

If you can’t find the Super Mario version on the site, Haripo also offers fruit gums Online shop In. The bags are available for 0.99 euros each – the bucket costs 3.79 euros. The order should be a little larger as there are higher shipping costs (5.80 euros). Sweets are also available from Amazon. However, here it is 2.49 euros Pie And 5.99 euros Bucket Due to. Prime customers save on shipping costs.

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In 2017, Nintendo dared to go on a food trip with Super Mario Cornflakes. At the time, there was also a special amoeba code on the packaging that could be used with the Super Mario Odyssey.

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