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Which is the best game in the Nintendo series?

Which is the best game in the Nintendo series?

Series for 35 years Description of Zelda Nintendo brings thrill and unforgettable adventures to fans. Since the pioneer started in 1986 Femicom disk system (Will be replaced later NES), Bold Link It never appears on every console of the Big N, leaving a deep impression with every new look.

It is now considered a brand with dozens of major episodes, spin-offs and remakes The legend of Zelda? Most of the episodes are broken just like the ones inherent in the hearts of the players, but the primary on the important side The legend of Zelda Ocarina of the period, It is Metacritic A score statement 99/100. Although based on a total of only 22 reviews in total, the masterpiece of 1998 is not only the title of the highest-ending series, but also tops the list of best games of all time for many years in the popular review collection. Very short interval in recent times due to a temporary 100 recorded by edition Click Of the visual novel House in Fota Morgana, Reached the full score before it dropped to 98. It follows closely The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Contains 97 of the best fruits on average based on 109 reviews.

Among the fans, the biggest discussion Zelda has ever had has always been through discussion. The Ocarina of Time is often mentioned, but even Breath of the Wild quickly climbed the fan preferences in 2017, delighted by the incredible adventures created by Nintendo on Switch and Wee U. But many longtime players are often ‘timeless’ A connection to Zelda’s legendary past Per Super Nintendo The best layer of ownership. All three games are generally highly cited in the discussion, although many episodes have recorded excellent quality peaks, measuring individual fan preferences.

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Meanwhile, Theuscita di The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2Nell 2022, Who knows if the new chapter will be a mistake to fit into the debate in the future. Have seen instead The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 4K E60 fps Thanks for a mod?