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Harassment by Apple AirTake is on the rise

Harassment by Apple AirTake is on the rise

Spying on your spouse is an old phenomenon all over the world, but Apple AirTags has updated it. And more and more. The Vice site, which looks for complaints about the tag, has searched dozens of police stations across the United States. Of the 150 police reports recovered, about fifty women have found these popular apple disks in their neighborhood. In half of these cases, the victims are suspected by the police to be in the guise of a specific person. This is usually the ex-wife of jealousy and revenge. Sometimes it can be a possessive husband or a caring boss … There is a case where the victim is a man and the follower is a woman.

In almost all documented cases, the Apple AirTag is hidden somewhere in the victim’s car. Sometimes there are even more. Finding the lighthouse is not always easy and sometimes requires the intervention of a mechanic. Persecutors, on the other hand, are not particularly sensible. Often, they do not hesitate to show themselves when following a victim.

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Most likely, this is just the tip of the iceberg because not all alerts need to be filed. So, we can guess that there are many more who can severely tarnish the image of Apple, which probably does not want to be the preferred supplier of sexual harassment. Of course, the existence of these reports proves that the detection mechanism developed by the company works well. I have to say that Apple has significantly strengthened the security over time.

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First, the airdock, abandoned by its owner, began to sound automatically three days later. But quickly, Apple reduced this period to less than 24 hours, precisely to combat harassment. The company also has Improved its algorithms Very quickly detect the presence of a nearby airtake spy. She grew up An Android application Extend detection capability for non-Apple users. She multiplied the warning texts when installing such a machine.

Dangerous product?

But in the end, it’s not so sure, because at the time of the warning, the damage had already been done. As for Android users, they do not need to be aware that there is a warning processor. Asked by Albert Foxconn Wise, who heads the Citizens’ Association Monitoring Technology Monitoring Program (STOP), he believes Apple has significantly democratized the use of such cookies. “Thanks to Apple, bullying has never been easy or cheap. He believes. As harassment cases continue to rise, it is unlikely that Apple will resign itself.

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