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Download FBackup 9.6.556 Texpot

Download FBackup 9.6.556 Texpot

FBackup protects your sensitive data by automatically backing up any USB / Firewire device, locally or over the network. Back up copied data (using standard zip compression) or an exact copy of the original files.

It is free for personal and business use

FBackup is a free backup software for business and personal use. This means you can save money without having to buy another backup program.

Automatic backups

You set up the backup job, set it to run automatically, and forget about it. FBackup will automatically run a backup on the scheduled date, thus not only reaping the benefits of protecting your data, but also saving valuable time.

Backup with standard zip compression

When using a “full backup”, the resources will be archived using standard zip compression. FBackup uses ZIP64 compression, which means it can create zip files larger than 2 GB. Also, you can password protect your backup zip files.

Exact copy of the files

If you do not want to save the files to a single zip file, FBackup can make a duplicate copy of the backup source using “Mirror Backup”. Since FBackup also backs up empty folders, this type of backup can be used to create a “mirror” copy of the original files on the target. So this is not a file backup software.

Perform before / after backup

For each backup task, you can define the action to be taken before or after the backup. For example, you can select “Delete Backup” before running the backup, which will erase all previously saved files before loading new ones. As a post-backup action, after successful completion of the backup, you can put it to sleep, exit, put it to sleep, or shut down the computer.

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Easy to use

The two main functions of a backup program are backup and restore operations. FBackup makes it easy for you by providing user-friendly guides. You start the new backup wizard, select “what”, “where”, “how” and “when” to backup, and the backup is ready to run. If you need to recover the files, you will open the recovery wizard and it will ask “where” to restore the files.

Automatic updates

FBackup will automatically check for updates each week so you know when the new version will be released. You can disable the option to check for updates, but we recommend enabling FBackup to stay up to date.

Multiple storage goals.

By default, your backups are stored on a local Windows partition. To make sure you have a secure backup, we strongly recommend that you back up your files to other locations supported by FBackup. It supports external drives such as USB / Firewire, mapped network drives, CD / DVD / BluRay and online destinations (Google Drive and Dropbox). This way, if your computer encounters a hardware failure, your data will be safe on the outside.

Backup Plugins

Plug-ins can be used to backup or restore specific program settings or other custom data (such as game storage, mail data, etc.). Once loaded on FBackup, these plug-ins list the “pre-defined backups” resources that should be used to back up specific programs. A list of all available backup plug-ins can be found here: Free Backup Plugins.

Save open files

If a file is in use by another program during the backup, FBackup can use Windows Volume Shadow service to back up the file. So, as long as you use Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server or Windows 7, FBackup will back up those open files. For example, you can back up your emails and Outlook settings without closing the program.

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You can choose the language for the user interface from the currently supported languages. If you would like to help us translate the website or its interface into another language, you can do so by visiting the Languages ​​page.

FBackup has a simple interface and takes you through the process of setting up a backup job using a friendly guide that asks you to:

  1. Where you want to save the backup (target).
  2. What you want to back up (sources).
  3. How you want to run the backup (using a full backup that compresses the files or a glass backup that does not compress them).
  4. Whenever you want to run the backup (you can plan to run it automatically or manually).

Once the backup job is defined, it can be run manually by pressing the backup button (or F6) or it will run automatically if scheduling is added. FBackup makes it easy to backup local drives (including USB connected drives) to locations such as USB / Firewire connected devices or mapped network locations. It creates standard zip files (when using “full backup”) or exact copies of original sources without any abstraction (when using “Mirror Backup”). The great thing about this free backup software is that it protects your data for free.

What’s new:

  • Update: Strings for Danish translation and other languages
  • Fixed: Restore pst / ost files created by volume backup