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Guinness World Records offers the smallest motorized console - Nert 4. Life

Guinness World Records offers the smallest motorized console – Nert 4. Life

The Guinness World Records The Motor Gunner Turnkist Award, also known as the Conmots, was awarded on YouTube for its creation. The smallest Nintendo 64. Motor shared his creation via a YouTube video in December 2020 and is now recognized as the company that oversees world record collecting.

The Nintendo 64 is a generously sized console and over the years various motors have developed more “compact” versions. Finished by Gunnar Beat the previous record (since 2015) by creating a console that is 23% smaller. In particular, the console is approximately 11.8cm wide, 8.5cm high and 4.5cm deep.

Note that this “mini” Nintendo 64 was built using an actual console: Gunnar is not looking for shortcuts; It did not use prototypes and it did not exploit PCBs. Also, the original cartridges can be used as the original Nintendo 64. It is clear that the original console had no components: the screen is an LCD with a resolution of 320×240. Analog sticks are replicas of those on the Nintendo controller. Instead the front keys are original.

Gunnar had already explained in December This Nintendo 64 is not very convenient to use, but it works easily in your pocket. At the beginning of the message you will see a video showing the console.

If you like the modified versions, here’s the fire-breathing Nintendo 64 – we do not think we need it, but clearly we were wrong!

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