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Like many, Xbox executive Bill Spencer is not a fan of his controller

Like many, Xbox executive Bill Spencer is not a fan of his controller

It was only in 1996 that players invented a console that will be engraved with memorabilia: the Nintendo 64. The first machine from the Japanese manufacturer to pass with multiple cult titles offered by 3D. We can easily trigger Super Mario 64, which, even today, offers stage games or Golden i 64 guides Its Xbox 360 remake was canceled by Nintendo. Rare was its golden age with Conger’s Bad First Day, Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kasui and the like. But still An element of the Nintendo 64 still raises questions from gamers who at the time did not understand how to use it.

This is his popular controller Strange form to say the least, Especially compared to the first PlayStation to be successful during this period.

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Even Bill Spencer, the head of Xbox Identify There is a problem in understanding how to use this Nintendo 64 controller, 25 years after its release.

Bill Spencer remembers the cramps and other blisters on his hand

The ergonomics of this controller are largely isolated from those of the Nintendo 64. Because the PlayStation’s shape is quickly appreciated, thanks to its shape it is easily adaptable to all hands, Nintendo was very low. Aside from its shape which is complicated to understand, we are talking about buttons that have greatly damaged the hands. Many players remember the cramps or blisters on the hand caused by playing for a long time Of the hard stick placed on the central branch.

Bill Spencer, head of the Xbox branch of Microsoft, also has bad memories of this controller. In the documentary Playing with Power: The Nintendo Story, Paying homage to the history of the Japanese company, the man explains it ” Really, I still can’t understand the Nintendo 64 controller. I think the idea is to give multiple forms in one, but we have to do Three hands to use it! .

Compared to a controller that is very popular with Xbox and gamers, the PlayStation may be more than dual-sensing, The Nintendo 64 acts like a bad student. Fortunately, the Japanese company still likes the game cube that is still appreciated today.

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