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Guillermo del Toro explains references to The Game Awards 2021 -

Guillermo del Toro explains references to The Game Awards 2021 –

Silent Hill Subject to some mysterious references by Guillermo del Toro On Sports Awards 2021, Which made me think of additional clues to the return of the game on the scene, but the director later clarified the matter. Tease Konami With that note.

Silent Hill was subject to constant debate and rumor, but was actually expected Return No official confirmation has yet been received that was firmly in place until some time ago and the great hopes that have emerged in recent months are gradually disappearing.

Silent Hills, a project canceled by Hideo Kojima that includes Guillermo del Toro

Combined with Del Toro’s weird intervention at The Game Awards 2021, the director said, “You know, I’m one of the owners who loves the art movement, Silent Hill. I hope to see a new chapter.”

Although it is hard to imagine that Del Toro could do anything with such a plan after the Kojima affair that led to the cancellation of Silent Hills, for many it seemed like a direct reference to a possible backlash to the series. In fact, it is one thing Comedy: “I never work in Silent Hill. Look, this makes no sense in another I do, but I just wanted to tease Konami a little bit,” Del Toro told Happy Sam Confused Podcast. When asked about the matter ..

This is in line with the treatment assigned to Silent Hills, a project that Del Toro worked with Hideo Kojima: “I do not understand, it was quite right”, he later explained about the canceled game. . “The challenge we have taken is very exciting.” The quest to return to Silent Hill is still unresolved, and we look forward to any progress, while the original author announced Slitterhead.

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