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A Harry Potter MMO canceled by EA who did not believe in its success -

A Harry Potter MMO canceled by EA who did not believe in its success –

In the early 2000s a Harry Potter MMO Is in development Electronic Arts, Published by Kimberly Souls, who was director of product marketing for the American publisher, but the project Deleted Because, apparently, E.A. He did not believe in success Prolonged series.

We do not really know what it is, or the actual title for the project in question has not been defined, but during an interview with Original Gamer Life on YouTube, he talks about the deleted games that have been embedded in Salze all his life. EA recalled this mysterious MMO based on Harry Potter.

The reporting period is also somewhat ambiguous, but Saul was the product marketing director for EA Between 2000 and 2003, So we can assume that the game was in development during those years and was canceled during processing.

On top of that Reasons It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Will be relevant for a long time.

Apparently, this was a tragic mistake on the part of the electronic arts, and Harry Potter is still a top-notch brand, a testament to the great expectation of representing the Hogwarts legacy, with practically nothing found so far. It is already in the most publicized games of the next era.

Considering that World of Warcraft only came out in 2004, the timing of the introduction of MMO on such a rights may not be quite ripe, but what this project is and how things actually happened remains a mystery.