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Greed -'s creators' test phase for the game

Greed –’s creators’ test phase for the game

Spiders, a former writer of acclaimed greed, has announced he will be kicking one Online testing phase Of his new game: SteelRising. Platest will take place March: An exact start date has not been specified yet, but the duration of this test will be approximately 7 – 10 days, and it will take place on Steam. Whoever is chosen to take part in this test must accept one Non-disclosure agreement Cannot share information about tested steelizing creation.

If you are interested in this SteelRice online testing phase, all you have to do is go for it Address. If you are unfamiliar with this new Spiders video game, know that this is a new adventure set in an alternative version of Earth, to be precise, Revolutionary France. We will be the robot bodyguards of Aegis (Aegis / Defense / Shield, Latin), Mary Antoinette.

We will have the task of finding our Creator Put an end to the tyranny of King Louis XVI Face it against an army of robots trying to end the revolution. Paris appearing in Steelrise is based on the real one, and they include Many famous monumentsIncludes some such as Grand Satellite and Temple Tower.

Aegis inserts weapons directly into the body and can be upgraded with various materials obtained by examining them. It can be made stronger, more resistant or faster. There will be seven families of melee weapons, alchemical long-range guns and other powerful combat options. Although we still do not know exactly what the game will look like One of the most interesting topics in development After good results obtained with greed.

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Waiting for the news, we remind you that you can see the announcement trailer of this Action RPG here.