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Broken Black Ops allows you to see through the promenade walls of the Cold War

Broken Black Ops allows you to see through the promenade walls of the Cold War

Activision President Call of Duty: Warson has confirmed his intention to become the world’s leading hub of Call of Duty.

As part of the company’s fourth quarter earnings call on February 4, The President De activation, Rob Gostich has long reaffirmed the company’s commitment to Warson as the centerpiece of the Call of Duty ownership.

Gostich said: “ Warson will be at our center Concerns long time. On that front, I would like to take a moment to thank our players for their consistent and consistent feedback on all aspects of the game. This is something we hear every day, which is important to our process. “

The head of Activision said that they have learned a lot about integrating Warson with their latest premium releases since Season 1 and will make this learning a factor in their future plans.

« The Black Ops Cold War brought a ton of content to Warsaw. He had more than 30 new weapons, new operators and more. This is a big update, which took up a lot of resources on our part. Now that that integration is over, we now have a better idea of ​​how all of our players in the future can make these changes work better and easier. That fact must be taken into account. “, Gostich said.

Call of Duty: Warson’s integration with Call of Duty: Black Ops has done a lot for the Cold War, Activision says. They saw the engagement reach new levels in the quarter, especially after the season started. And, most importantly, they have seen an increase in premium upgrades for them. They want to make sure they “deliver more” of new content to fans.

“Now it continues to strengthen our commitment to continuously deliver new content to premium and free players,” he said. Ghostich added when calling. ” We know that our players’ expectations are very high when it comes to new content, and we want to make sure we deliver better on that front as we progress. “

Gostich confirmed that they were “confident” about their strategy for the Call of Duty. With a series of new content releases, premium game updates and free player access, fans can interact and enjoy Call of Duty in a number of ways.

“Overall we feel good and are confidently advancing in our strategy. Warson will continue to play a key role in this future content project. We want and will continue to invest in all fronts to support this initiative.for the community, He concluded.

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