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GPU Rumors: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080D to be released in April

In mid-April, Nvidia will be able to launch the GeForce RTX 3080 TI, which is said to be back from Asia today. But the most interesting question has not yet been answered by rumors: how much memory will the solution have. The information here is even different, 12 or 20GB has come up for discussion.

In view of the powerful AMD Radeon RX6800XD with 16GB, “only” does not make sense in the 12GB version. But rumors went in this direction a week ago, so the RTX 3090 will stand alone above, and stand alone with more memory. Anyway there is not much air, the solutions are already very close to 4K resolution. With a chip of 20GB and close to full expansion, the Nvidia RTX3090 will be almost obsolete, while the gap to the RTX3080 with 12GB may be very small.

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