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Government downloads de Mayo Cisa's UTC: "Never speak to those under investigation for serious crimes"

Government downloads de Mayo Cisa’s UTC: “Never speak to those under investigation for serious crimes”

This is one of the possible ways. It is known that these days the government has opened a channel to deal with the crisis and get an absolute majority in the Senate. Lorenzo Cheese, Until a few hours ago the UTC Secretary. The Historic Center Foundation, the successor to the most substantial DC, consists of three senators, all members of the Forza Italia group. After the maxi operation Low profile ‘Was carried out by Cattanzarov’s lawyer against Ndrangheta, but things have changed. Among the suspects is Luizi de Mayo, the former political leader of Xa and M5s, who decided to put a point in the talks: “We are working to strengthen the majority during these hours, but with the same force we have taken strong decisions in the past, never to converse with subjects who have been convicted or tried for mafia or serious crimes. Now I feel like I can not open.

The foreign minister clarified his position with a post on social media: “So it is clear that at the expense of the moral question of this integration of the government, we can not always be the values ​​and the foundation of the 5 star plan”. De Mayo also recalled the Siri case, a corruption case involving the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport and Matteo Salvini’s economic adviser in April 2019: “The movement must recognize that any place for maneuvering must be closed to those who believe that politics is a safe conduct from judicial issues. Will remember) We acted by guaranteeing the purity of the whole system.These are the principles that always govern our every effort.

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“We are the center of government’s attraction”

De Mayo closes this post on the role of M5s in the current majority: dra In these dramatic times, when there is a government crisis over entire epidemics due to one’s selfishness, M5s are working hard to ensure stability in the country. We have been the center of gravity of the government. We’ve been hearing for years about the return to bipolarity, but if there’s anyone who has Italy on foot in the darkest moments, it’s the M5s. He accuses former and former allies of not being: “Those forces that have filled their mouths for years with the need to ensure economic stability and social development have proven to be really very selfish: see Matteo Salvini, see Matteo Renzi”.

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