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HarmonyOS focuses on wireless communication with other smart devices (photo)

HarmonyOS focuses on wireless communication with other smart devices (photo)

Filippo Morgante

At the annual conference Huawei Pollen, Wang Chenglu, Introduced the head of the Hawaii Consumer Business Software Department, i Improvements The Chinese company is bringing HarmonyOS. All four of these aspects were central to one another Short presentation The conference was held in the arena. Were at the center of attention Innovations About Wireless connection with other devices.

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The The first functionAnd provided Connection to smart electric stove: It was enough to touch the NFC tag to connect the phone to the device, thus bringing the oven control interface and suggestions for some cooking tips online. Over there The second novelty It would be useful instead Share shopping cart, This is done by opening the JD app on one device and bringing it closer to another mobile phone, thus appearing the same shopping interface without the need to install the app.

The The last two functions Given Communication with a TV. In fact, by connecting a Huawei mobile phone and a Huawei Smart TV to the same network, it will be enough to press a button to connect to the TV, enjoy live content or go shopping with all the amenities that a large screen offers. Finally, the one when you play 360 ° wide video, What Skills It will be used automatically Control interface To location. Very useful addition if you think about when to use Video conferencing.

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