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Gotham Knights postponed, that’s when it comes out

Gotham Knights postponed, that’s when it comes out

Last year we saw some postponements, and even the beginning of 2021 has already been greatly affected, postponing the much-anticipated video game experience for fans. From the return a Vampire Bloodlines 2, Many will have to wait a little longer before getting their hands on these topics which were announced some time ago. Today, another of these topics has been added, and the guys at Warner Bros. Montreal have now postponed Gotham Knights.

Since it was announced last August, Gotham Knights Immediately caught the attention of many fans of DC Comics. The development team did not provide further details on the title after the announcement of the trailer, meanwhile it is still expected for 2021. However, today, the team’s engagement comes directly with a post on Twitter where the next game we set in the Batman universe is official Postponed to 2022.

Warner Bros. Montreal did not leave us with many details, but is interested in letting us know that this postponement is at the discretion of the Development Committee. Give players the best game. Also, even though we are staying in the trailer for this announcement, this post is an opportunity to thank the fans for their support of the project, for which we are assured that we will gain additional insights into Gotham in the future.

In short, the Gotham Knights seem to need more work to get our homes on the better way, to the extent that the team has decided Postpone everything to next year. We hope this is one of the few delays we will experience this year and we will have to wait patiently for the next communications meeting to review the new game dedicated to the Bat-Family.

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