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Chrome OS is coming closer to Android

Chrome OS is coming closer to Android

Google brings new features to Chrome OS. For the tenth birthday of the Chrome OS operating system, it is moving closer to Android smartphones and getting new productivity features. They will be coming to Chromebooks in the next few days. An overview:

Phone Center: Chromebooks and Android smartphones work very closely with the phone center. Incoming messages are sent from the connected smartphone to the notebook. You can respond to them immediately from there. You can switch to the big screen by clicking on the last two websites called on the smartphone. On the go, you can activate the smartphone’s hotspot directly from the Chromebook. Procedure for Forgotten Smartphone Users: With one click, the device can be set up via the phone center – and an audio signal can be activated to detect it. WiFi Sync: Google is expanding WiFi Sync. Like Apple’s iOS, Chromebooks can quickly access all WiFi networks already used by another smartphone, tablet or Chromebook with the same Google Account. A record is no longer required for a device.

Data transfer: With the nearby sharing feature already available on newer Android smartphones, Chromebooks can now wirelessly retrieve files from nearby devices. The annoying email of files is a thing of the past for you. iOS users are already familiar with such local data transfer as Air Drop.

Tools for everyday work: The new Chrome OS clipboard now stores five items that can be glued individually or together. With the new section is the central location for downloads, screen shots and other files. Users can back up files for a project here and get them quickly. Through the Quick Answers function, information such as definitions or translations can be called directly using Google search. Changes are also possible.

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For presentations or videos, Chrome OS has a new screen recording tool. It allows you to create screen shots or long video shots – from full screen or partial shots. Records will end up in quick access and can be edited from there.


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