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Gorilla DualSense PS5 - Talks about

Gorilla DualSense PS5 – Talks about

Definitely one of the most anticipated games of the year by PlayStation 5 fans Harrison Forbidden West, To the highly acclaimed Harrison Zero Dawn. Gorilla Games’ new game was released last year, but has since disappeared from the radar in practice. Fans may be wondering if the release is actually planned 2021. The developers confirm this and tell us about its use Dual Sense for PS5.

Precisely, this information comes from Wired’s new article, through which it can be read Exit date The Horizon Forbidden West is still scheduled for 2021. Unfortunately, no other clue has been given to us about the release month: however, we expect it to be in the last quarter of the year.

The Harrison Forbidden West will take us to the San Francisco area

We know this game will come on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It takes full advantage of the unique features of the new Sony console, which means more power to improve uploads, SSD and graphics quality. In addition, the Horizon Forbidden West will also take advantage of this Dual Sense Of the PS5. Angie Smeats, studio director at Gorilla Games, says, “If you want to sneak into battle and dive into the tall grass, you can feel those long grasses.”

Therefore, the most tactile side of the PS5 will be exploited by the Harrison Forbidden West to allow the world around Alloy to feel it. This is definitely the most interesting feature. We saw that Gorilla had a new office and it was beautiful.