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African Cultures: Three books on Med Hondo and his films for free download

African Cultures: Three books on Med Hondo and his films for free download

The release of three publications on the work of filmmaker Med Hondo concludes with an exhibition, festival and book project “Course, Courts, Comrade, Le Vaux Monte Est Apres Toy” by its supervisors Enoch Ayemba, Mary-Helene Goodberlet and Brigitta.
The event featured a series of events at Arsenal, the Cabinet Archive, SAVVY Contemporary and the quiet green Cultercartier in August 2017.

Interviews with 1970-2018 Med Hondo: A Cinema in the Run.

Volume 1 brings together 17 interviews with Med Hondo over a period of almost half a century.
Michael Cement with Paul Hondo, Paul Louis Thorrd, Maun de Revel, Jean Delmas, Madeleine Dura, Nourin Gale, Guy Hennabelle, Rummy Clip, Marcel Martin, Meniser Mersack, Franுவாois Biffoff, Dan Rowan, Christian Scasso and Melissa Docway.

On the run: Perspectives on Med Hondo’s cinema
Volume 2 focuses on Med Hondo’s cinematography work and brings together original contributions that are approached from different angles.
Jean-Pierre Pacolo, Madeleine Bernstorf, Gutsanoy Siroy, Yute Fentler, Aubrey Fourie, June Givanni, Med Hondo, Boud Jemma Karach, Astrid Kuser Ferreira, Cello Luste Balpina, Shaheen Merali,

Med Hondo’s Cinema: Original German and French Texts, 1970-2020
The e-book contains 22 articles and interviews in French and German.
Editors-in-Chief of three publications: Mary-Helen Goodberlet and Brigitte Custer on behalf of the European Commission.
Arsenal – Institute of Film and Video Art EV, Publisher: Archive Books.

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“Med Hondo’s Cinema: German Original and French Original Texts, 1970-2020
Available as an ebook and can be downloaded for free from archive books

Tile, tile, dude, the old world is behind you — tile, dude, the tile, the old world is behind you — Med Hondo’s cinema is backed by the German Federal Cultural Foundation’s turn fund.

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For more information:
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Arsenal – The Institute for Art of Film and Video EV is sponsored by the European Commission and the German Ministry of Culture and the Media.