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Fortnight, 16.40 leaks reveal a lot of news

Only yesterday the Fortnight version was updated to 16.40, but it’s already time to talk about leaks and upcoming news

Fortnight, version 16.40 leaks reveal many additional news (screenshot)

Yesterday, I Server Offline D Fortnight They pointed to the update for the new version. Over there 16.40 Finally a fact and has come up with some new weapons, vehicle modifications and new exclusive skins. On the contrary, the message certainly does not end here. As we wait for Season 7 to become a reality, the wait is growing to understand what is on the minds of epic games. Close the current season in the best possible way.

A few hours after the updated game files were released, I Datamines We have already found several additions that will be released to all players starting in the next few weeks. We are talking about one Exclusive skin, an NBA themed package and more. Let’s see what has already come out and what to expect.

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Fortnight, all details of the latest leaks

With Version 16.40 of Fortnight Released a few hours ago, it was already time to talk about the leaks and news discovered by the Datamines. Let’s get started Female version of gold, Golden Skeleton. The latter should be available soon in the store in use, it is not yet clear how many V-Bucks. For that Fan Dell ‘NBA, A match with hosts LeBron James and Zion Williamson continues. Meanwhile, a Themed set with costumes (As happened with the NFL).

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Confirmed Set in Catwoman, With an update to version 16.40 as already announced yesterday. Finally it is Street Shadows Challenge Gallery, Epic Game Store is a bundle that is free for everyone who plays through the client.