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Bag, Google Photos: This brilliant photo app is great

Google Photos Remains: This brilliant photo app is great

Practical Google Photos Photo Management App is fitted on almost all Android phones. It offers not only gallery but also free photo storage. So far, users can take full advantage of the pre-installed app and download and upload any number of images and videos.

In the distance June 1, 2021However, Google restricts the Google service so that only the owners of the Pixel smartphone can store unlimited files on the platform.

You are looking for a new photo app that offers similar functionality to Google Photos, but if you can do without storage space, you can easily switch to the brilliant alternative App Floral.

Flower: An open source alternative to Google Photos

You can easily and conveniently manage your pictures with the Flower app.

Photo: Flower

Flower offers a practical alternative for anyone looking for a brilliant photo management app, but no longer want to use Google’s services. While the previously provided free app does not offer its own cloud storage, it instead focuses on the features provided and the privacy of the users. Additionally, the application is open source, so all users can see the source code.

Flower allows you to store your pictures and videos creatively and clearly in albums. You can support images and mark collections as private so they can be hidden. Additionally, the app provides direct access to the camera app on your smartphone so you can take pictures quickly and easily, and has an integrated file manager.

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