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Google once tried to remove the Samsung Galaxy Store

According to a complaint, Google may have tried in the past to remove the Samsung Galaxy Store and the Amazon App Store.

If you ever need to download apps on your Android device, chances are you can go to the Google Play Store. That being said, this is one of the advantages of Android that can be used as an alternative to the Mountain View company store. Companies like Samsung are like this Their own shop, In this case Galaxy Store, The app store that is naturally installed on the brand’s smartphones.

Google has accused Samsung of trying to remove the Galaxy Store

At one time, Google may have felt threatened by these third-party stores, and the American giant tried to “disappear” it. At least that’s what we learn from complaining about Google. According to the document, Google tried to pay the popular app developers not to list their apps on the Samsung Galaxy Store or Amazon App Store.

To give you more control over Google Play

The idea behind this strategy is to encourage users to use the Play Store and push other third-party stores to give Google more control. The lawsuit alleges that Google made a “direct attempt” to drop its relationship with the biggest developers and pay Samsung to “reduce competition” with its own App Store.

Google has since published a blog post. According to Wilson White, Director of Public Policy, “If you do not find the app you are looking for on Google Play, you can choose to download the app directly from a competing App Store or developer’s site. We do not impose the same restrictions as other mobile operating systems. The man is even going to “ignore the opening of Android” to continue by qualifying for this charge of “useless”.

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