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Google Doodle is reminiscent of Stephen Hawking

Google Doodle is reminiscent of Stephen Hawking

Panorama Physical genius

Google Doodle is reminiscent of Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking:

Stephen Hawking: “I want to fully understand the universe”

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British astronomer Stephen Hawking turns 80 this Saturday. Google search engine honors deceased scientist in 2018 with special video.

MWith his theories on the mysteries of the universe, he impressed experts and ordinary people alike: physicist, mathematician and writer Stephen Hawking. Britain died on March 14, 2018 at the age of 76.

Hawking was born on January 8, 1942 in Oxford. (Looking back, this date seemed like a pointer to his coming life: it’s the 300th anniversary of the great polymath Galileo Galilei.) Google Reminiscent of the birthday of the late physicist with a doodle. He will be 80 years old on Saturday.

The most important stages of his life are repeated in a pixel art video. At age 21, Hawking was diagnosed with ALS. Since 1968, he has had to sit in a wheelchair due to incurable muscle and nerve disease. In 1985, he lost his ability to speak due to life-threatening pneumonia caused by a cut in his trachea. Since then, he has used the voice system for communication.

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But the ALS could not stop him. In 1979 he became professor of mathematics at Cambridge, where he was the famous Lucasian mathematician for more than 30 years – thus succeeding Isaac Newton.

Hawking: “Be brave, be enthusiastic, overcome all obstacles”

Hawking appreciated his theories about the origin of the cosmos and black holes. “I want to fully understand the universe,” he once said. “I want to know why it’s like that, why it’s like that.”

Hawking developed new theories about black holes and the Big Bang: terrifying black holes in space are not final stations. It is true that due to their extreme gravitational pull they absorb everything that comes very close to them and do not let even light out. Effect of quantum physics – Hawking theory was able to show that black holes evaporate slowly.

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"The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace": Stephen Hawking there "Short answers to big questions"

In the video Google Hawking says: “I traveled my life in space with my head,” In this universe, humans are incredibly small. But we are all capable of doing the best we can. “Finally his message:” Be brave, be enthusiastic, overcome all obstacles. you can.”

Hawking’s voice for the video was created digitally with the permission of the Hawking Estate Trustees. “We hope his example gives inspiration and hope to everyone around the world who is facing great challenges during this difficult time,” said Robert and Tim, the children of the physicist.

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