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Google announces numerous messages: Here you can see what changes are in search, lens and maps

Google announces numerous messages: Here you can see what changes are in search, lens and maps

Google Announced several messages during the event Search in 2021. Using artificial intelligence, we offer new functions to users using the vast amount of data available on the Big G, providing “assistance in everyday life” and “global” assistance in coping with complex challenges.

SU MUM. Know

Mom Announced during the last one Google I / O, in a nutshell Multitasking integrated model. This is a technology that has proven itself Very effective during infections Because it has the ability to manage a large amount of information, it provides users in a short period of time. MUM can detect exploitative data from texts, images and videos, while at the same time making connections between different topics and ideas.

Through the news we see “in the coming months”, first in English, MUM will be implemented in Google Lens along with some interesting goodies. In particular, the general visual quests of the feature may be with texts and questions: design a T-shirt and ask them to find the same design for another outfit such as a hat or socks. For example, writing “Search for socks with white flowers” allows for greater accuracy than text search, for example, does not allow the computer to detect the same design or the same flowers on the shirt.

Thanks to MUM for a new search page

As AI is increasingly an integral part of the Google service experience, the company aims to make the user interface more intuitive and easier to use when implementing new features such as MUM.

One of the innovations Things to know: By exploiting MUM, Google actually knows what key elements users are interested in in every search they make, and what features they will be looking for sooner or later. For example, thanks to technology, we can deepen a research without writing in detail the topic we want to delve into.

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Similarly it is possible Tuning the search, Is going to be more and more specific, or Widen it In order to gain an increasingly general view of the object. Both innovations will come in the coming months, with the latter initially expected in English. Another novelty only for English speaking users New navigable page with more visual elements For some types of searches: For example if we are looking for “Christmas decoration ideas” Google proposes not only articles and pages, but all images and videos.

MUM is widely used Identify key moments in the videosFor example, using its AI algorithms, it can already understand when the winning goal occurs during a football match, or during a single step of a cooking recipe. Along with the messages told during the event, you can also identify the topics discussed in different parts of a video, with special links that allow you to deepen only as much as you want. According to Google, the MUM is so accurate that it can be understood that a topic is spoken even if it is not explicitly mentioned.

Not only MUM, but also news about shopping, Chrome and maps

Not only on MUM of messages announced during the Search On event. We have one example New shopping experience, With Consult at local stores, Guides on how to fit clothes, for example, and other useful information. It is also possible to identify the presence of a particular product in the inventory of nearby physics stores. Unfortunately, both features are available in different countries, but not in Italy.

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Google will be launching “soon” and in the US only IOS lens mode, Allows you to search all the unique images on a page using the Google Lens technology through the Google App. The lens will also be integrated into the Chrome desktop: User can select images, videos and text on a website and access related search results in a single tab. The company has announced that the lens on the Chrome desktop will be available worldwide “in the next few months”.

More news About this result, Which will show additional information about the source and what other sources have written on the subject through further research. Unfortunately, this novelty only comes first in English.

New features in AI-powered Google Map

From laughter News about Google Maps The most important of those discussed on the search Related to new ones Layer “Wildfire” That It shows where the fires are and their progress. It is a feature designed to combat climate change, which will be available worldwide on Android, iOS and desktop from October. The new layer will retrieve data from Google’s existing satellites, making it easy for all users to access them all in one place.

This allows the user to receive real-time information about multiple fires at once Can act effectively and make decisions based on the data in the layer.

By 2022, Google will expand its Environmental Intelligence Explorer (EIE) from the current 15 U.S. cities to more than 100 New World cities: EIE using aerial imagery and AI technologies to heat urban areas rapidly, which will generally decrease. -Increases the income and health issues of the communities. Local policymakers can use the data to understand how to deal with global warming before the problem occurs (by increasing the green or gray areas).

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Google will also be launched Address maker, An application that allows companies and local governments to create unique and functional addresses quickly, on a large scale, directly from smartphones, using the open source plus coding system. The Google system is cheaper and, after all, much faster than systems currently used for the same purpose: “Previously, it took many years to create addresses for a country or village,” the company said. “With Address Maker, Plus Code addresses can also be generated on a large scale, reducing the time to a few weeks.” Innovation allows you Create an address for those who do not have an address (With all problems), especially in sparsely populated areas.