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If the iPhone runs out quickly, it could be the fault of this processor – try removing it

The iPhone battery is no longer a big deal, but with the advent of iOS 15 things may have changed for many Apple device owners. The processor that drives users crazy is here.

IPhone Exhausted (Adobe Stock)

We have now reached a stage No battery is a big deal anymore. Times are gone IPhone It was always connected to the electrical grid. You like small batteries, you like that Lack of software optimization, One of the dreams that has gripped iPhone owners, for some time, is autonomy.

Today, with arrival IPhone 13 – But since it really came IPhone XR – The iPhone no longer has these problems. Or rather, they arise whenever they want Problem software Tied to new functions or applications that are abnormally ingested. And this is precisely the case iOS 15, The latest version of the operating system IPhone Introduced by Apple In the last few days, it seems to be “arguing” with the most popular processor.

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Spotify: He is responsible for draining the battery in iO 15

Logo Spotify application
Logo Spotify Photo Alexander Shadow On Unsplash

We are talking Spotify, Popular service Music streaming It is present in most of the smartphones in the world. Hundreds, thousands of users have complained about the app-related inconsistencies in the green, ria t Discharge excess battery Then drop the device on foot earlier than expected. At first glance it was thought that the abnormal consumption was derived from iOS 15 and some related functionality, but it was discovered after the necessary tests Spotify Is a utility that creates a battery drain.

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“Suddenly Spotify started discharging my battery in a big way – One of the many users affected by the Reddit problem writes – A session in general intake 10 to 15% Autonomy, suddenly Impact to 40 or 60%, Open the Spotify app and the iPhone is overheated“. Sooner or later, the anxious values ​​should be resolved and the application should return to normal use.

“Spotify Download My iPhone 12 Pro Absurdly. I have a feeling that the problem arose in iOS 15. For example now Spotify has taken up 30% of my battery even though I already used it About a quarter Compared to Facebook and other apps“These are just two of the many testimonials that have been leaked to the Web in recent years.

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For its part, Spotify She intervened to calm her mind and make sure she was working to solve the problem: “Thanks for your reports about the app’s extraordinary consumption on iPhones with iOS 15 and 14.8 – The company wrote in an official statement – We have reported the problem to a competent team already working to investigate the matter.