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How to play Trackmania Cup 2022 on the map?  - Breakflip

How to play Trackmania Cup 2022 on the map? – Breakflip

The Trackmania Cup is coming back very soon, competition mapping has already begun! But how to access maps created by ZeratoR for competition?

It is official: The Trachemia The Cup will take place in 2022, and the final is finally scheduled for June 4 in Percy! ZeratoR is still in charge of this event, and as every year, he will create all the maps where different players compete.

The mapping has already begun and will end on May 8, 2022. There are some maps for players who want to take part in the tournament to start training right now. But Where and how to download ZeratoR maps Want to play in Trackmania?

How To Download And Play Trackmania Cup 2022 Maps?

To download the Trackmania Cup 2022 Map, here it is In the Tracmania Cup Discord That we must surrender! Then go straight to Sanu ” #Map-download »Then download existing maps from 2022.

Once these maps are downloaded, you should be done Add them to your game. To do this, you can follow the steps below:

  • Make sure your Trackmania game is closed
  • Copy and paste the map file into the folder My Documents> Trackmania> Map> Download
  • Start your game again

Then you can access the included map (s)! Even if the mapping is started, the maps are already on the disk. However, these are possible Replaced by ZeratoR until May 8th ! Remember that you must have a standard or club version of Trackmania to compete.

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